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10:53am 01-13-2012
Your family of cats are absolutely stunning... thanks for the pleasure of the browse
1:11pm 01-09-2012
Stan Salter
Sam turned two on the 5th of Jan-still owe you that video- maybe send some pics as well .
Replied on: 4:43pm 12-18-2012

Hi Stan
Will all he has been through I am happy he is still going strong!
Awaiting video . . .

3:02pm 11-18-2011
Smokie La Grange
I NEED a Siamese ! So I'm hunting and lusting after these beautiful cats. My Oriental Black male died ten years ago and since then I seem to only have had 'rescue cats'. But my heart cries out for a soul mate again.
1:11pm 09-13-2011
What beautiful cats! Hope one day to contact you regarding a kitten. My old kitty is 18 years and still going strong. Dont have the heart to introduce a new baby just yet ....
12:12pm 07-22-2011
Wilma Eykelhof
Stunning new website! Paco's doing oh-so-well and sends purrrrrs of love (finally going into the last month of his 3 month dietplan!) Will be forever grateful that you trusted me with such a gentle hunk of a boy :-D
3:36am 07-11-2011
Judy Stock
Trying to find the COTY results on the Net and in browsing around the Siamese area found your webpage. Lovely pics - this one on hte right above your guest book looks so much like my Quizzipaws Arvalde that I got in 2001! Seal Tabby Point. I am now in UK and have just adopted two brothers, one a Choc Point and one a Black Oriental, with problems from previous home = I'm not sure if I'm getting them right or they getting me right. Keep the Siamese flag flying in SA - I have loved Siamese since I had one as a youngster, them and Burmese (from Ally's Cats in 2001-2002) are my dream cats. Enjoy your darllings.
6:10pm 07-06-2011
10:36pm 07-04-2011
Lucia Varela
9:29pm 07-04-2011
Hanli Kempen
Congrats on your new website! - It is beautiful xoxo
6:56pm 06-12-2011
Hi Stan

So great to hear! Please send the video!

:-) Charlotte
6:21pm 06-12-2011
stan salter
Hi Charlotte
Just to let you know our kitten (Sam)- now 17 months is an absolute delight and my closest companion. I will send you some pics and a video to show you Sams extraordinary talents - We have nicknamed him Banjo.
Many best wishes
Stan an Lisa Salter
6:06pm 03-29-2011
like your website, will contact you!.
11:10am 01-30-2011
Sue Impey
Mark suggested I look at your kittens. I will get back to him and you re a male.
11:19am 06-17-2010
Hello Charlie! Love visiting!
Luv Lucy and Chala
12:42pm 05-04-2010
Nicole Earnshaw
I bumped into the lovely Chala at show and had to pop by your site. Stunning cats, much congrats.

Minki Liu Siamese and Oriental
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