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4:37pm 12-23-2014
El. de Saint-Martin
Dear Charlotte. I am interested in buying a female Siamese kitten, if possible Blue or Lilac point, not for breeding, but as a pet. I was born in Paris in a family mad about Siamese cats ! My mother was a member of the Paris Cat Club, and I of the Cape Town Cat Club. I can wait if you have no kittens now. Best regards. Eliane
11:13pm 12-16-2014
Lente ferreira
love your site! Thanks for all the info!! Lente
Replied on: 11:06am 12-17-2014

Thanks Lente!

5:43pm 10-19-2014
michael john burrell
Hi, just to say I loved the photos of your cats, made wish to have my own cat.

Kind regards

Michael John
11:47pm 03-19-2014
Tracey Bergstrom
Hi Charlotte
I have recently lost my beautiful lilac point Noogie to cancer
He was with me for 10 years. My other 2 boys, Zephre Blue
And Oscar are mourning and miss him madly.
Do you have ANY kittens available, we don't mind Orientals
or Siamese.
Please could you let us know... Tracey and her boyz x
Replied on: 11:32am 03-20-2014

Hi Tracey
Sorry to hear of your loss :-( Unfortunately I have no kittens at present. Next litter due mid-April.

7:10pm 02-17-2014
Riette Nel
Hi Charlotte,I got your contact details from a doctor at Panorama vet clinic.I have recently lost my siamese cat(12years old) due to cancer.I cannot live in a house without a cat that welcomes me home.I am looking for a bluepoint siamese cat and wonder if you can perhaps help me? Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you Riette Nel
3:40pm 07-08-2013
David Pulvermacher
We're looking for an Oriental juvenile to keep our black Oriental girlie company after the departure of our beautiful boy.
Any ideas?
Best wishes.
1:12pm 03-06-2013
Hi, your cats are stunning
Would love to visit
1:40pm 02-15-2013
Anne Goodfellow
How serendipitous to find a breeder close to home. Lost my partner 3 years ago and my sole companion and beloved Tilli 4 months ago. All alone now and reaching a point when I will definitely need another heart in my home.
Will you have any kits ready after Easter (I might be going away for a while) but will definitely be interested later in the year.

You have bred some gorgeous babies - I'd be proud to be owned by one!
Replied on: 3:06pm 02-15-2013

Hi Anne I will have Oriental kittens due mid April only. No Siamese kittens till next year.

1:30pm 12-18-2012
Kevin Wright-Janssen
They are all too beautiful!!!
Replied on: 4:41pm 12-18-2012

Thank You Kevin!

11:45pm 11-07-2012
Jitka Langohr
I am looking for a siamese seal tabby point young cat or kitten, or spotted tabby oriental cat / kitten. [ My 17 year old died at the beginning of the year.] The cat does not have to be of a show quality, just healthy . I can provide a loving home.
9:27pm 10-24-2012
Petro Aris
Charlotte, good day to you.

I am prefrably looking for a blue point female. Kindly contact me at your convenience.
Petro Aris
6:55pm 09-20-2012
Caroline Thorpe
We bought our male seal point tabby from you who is SUCH a character. Whenever I look at your web I want another one. What a chilled out cat with a personality of note. He walks all over the farm with us, chatting and giving his 5 cents worth, smacks the dogs, chases birds, shouts at us if we walk too fast. What a brave kitty. Definitely from a good gene pool and home!!! Thank you
Replied on: 4:42pm 12-18-2012

Thank You Caroline! I am so glad you are happy with your boy!

3:18pm 08-18-2012
Angela van Greunen
Stunning and better than any movie looking through your website. We have 2 siamese - Girl: Seal Point Boy: Blue Point - my absolute angels.

Thanks for sharing your website and pics are stunning.

All the best to all the stars of your cattery!!
8:31pm 06-07-2012
I'm so desperately looking for a kitten .... Beautiful site x
4:46pm 04-13-2012
I would like to visit. I live in Sunningdale and have just lost my Maine Coon.
Too many questions. constance lindes
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