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5:40pm 11-09-2022
Linda Martz
I am trying to find a Siamese/OSH kitten, have you any available? Susan Ferguson recommended I get in touch with you. Thank you
Replied on: 5:32pm 11-10-2022

I have kittens available. I will contact you privately.

10:16am 03-29-2022
Willene Theart
Good day.

We had to put down our beautiful lilac oriental lovebug yesterday, because of chronic kidney failure. We are not looking to adopt immediately but maybe in a year's time. I'd be happy to go on a waiting list and to wait patiently. I was referred by the All breeds South African FB group. Kind regards.

Replied on: 6:51am 04-11-2022

Hi Willene

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Are you wanting another Lilac Oriental or would you consider Black or Chocolate (Havana)? Am hoping to breed some more Orientals later this year.
Best to contact me on Whatsapp 083 384 0285 when you are ready to adopt.

Kind regards

10:43am 02-28-2021
Elizma Goltz
Excellent breeder!
Charlotte, thank you so much for our lovely boy. Beautiful demeanor, loving and sweet. Gets along with all our other pets. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. You care so much and it clearly shows in the quality kittens you breed.
4:49pm 12-13-2020
Marieke Kruger
I am interested in possibly purchasing a black oriental/Siamese kitten. I don’t know if you have any available kittens but would really appreciate it if you could contact me with possibilities and details regarding any kittens available as soon as possible..? thanks
Replied on: 6:26pm 12-14-2020

Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately I have no kittens available at present.

9:19am 06-23-2020
Love these Kitties, would dearly lie a Black One.
2:05pm 08-27-2019
Marcelle De Wet-Roos
Hi there

I am looking for a female tabby oriental (show but NOT breeding purposes). I recently lost one or my oriental boys to cancer and am lost without the BIG MIAOUW in the house. When you have any kittens available can you please contact me. Regards Marcelle De Wet-Roos
9:08am 10-07-2018
Annamarie Hayes
I am interested in buying an black oriental female kitten..or a Siamese.for the sole purpose to become my 4 legged child and am not interestedin breedng.
6:20pm 09-26-2018
The orientals are absolutely georgeous! Do you still breed them?
Replied on: 11:46am 10-07-2018

Yes I do!

8:13pm 09-16-2018
Tracey Woodbridge
My story is similar to yours until as I got older and worked from home I decided that I wanted to adopt Devon Rex Females who were too old for breeding and just needed love. My first was Melanie. The vet that I was great friends bred them but Melanie was nothing special for breeding. I had her for 19 years. Then I got Kariba. She was purely a show cat and she got all the certificates and rosettes and then she came to me. I decided I wanted 2 and I found a little diamond. Supreme Grand Seal. I have never ever loved anything or anyone as much as I loved her. She had irritable bowel syndrome. We caught it the first but my darling darling Aira died in my arms and I am a wreck. The worst of all is that Kariba had passed away two weeks before that. I need a baby quickly to help to fill the hole in my heart. I do hope that you can help me. Please. My contact number is 0848050576
10:14pm 01-20-2017
They are soooo beautifull !!

10:35am 08-05-2016
Bracha Smith
Hi Charlette,

I was referred to you by Lucy Wagner as she said you might have babies and she highly recommends you.

I am looking for Seal Point Siamese cat. Do you by any chance have any and what price range am I looking at if you don't mind me asking?
Replied on: 5:59pm 08-05-2016

Hi Bracha
I have no kittens at present unfortunately and am unsure when I will be having any Siamese kittens again to be honest.
Hope you find a kitten soon!
:-) Charlotte

8:10pm 02-18-2016
Love your Siamese & Orientals.
Replied on: 1:47pm 02-19-2016

Thanks Amos!

10:38am 12-25-2015
I have a seal point female, she follows me everywhere I go. Sometimes she will act like a baby and I have to wrap her in a blanket. After nap time she
will call me to the lounge then I have to massage her.

I cannot imagine my life without her and are thinking of buying another seal point but Fiona is very jealous.

I adore siamese they awesome.

10:07pm 10-30-2015
Bernie Wentzel
Good evening, just to say I like your website and if ever a Havana Brown becomes available or you know of one that is available, please let me know. I would consider buying any kind of Oriental type of cat though the Havana is definitely my favourite. (One with big pointed ears especially.) Regards, Bernie Wentzel, 082 575 0917. (Rosebank, Cape Town)
2:07pm 09-27-2015
Kathy Watson
All I can say is MAGNIFICIENT!!!!
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